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Orange Cloud

Orange Cloud is the latest offering in the Orange digital signage lineup.  It is available as a hosted SaaS (software as a service) package and allows more flexibility in updating content and pushing content to displays anywhere!  With Orange Cloud, your content is stored on our servers where you can update it using a web browser from anywhere.  Your displays then use an Orange Player to get the content from the server for your display.  We've worked hard to make this affordable and flexible, and it is the best value of the lineup.

Orange One

Orange One is the ideal solution if you:

  1. Are displaying one channel of content to 1 display panel
  2. Are displaying one channel of content to many display panels

Orange One is a digital signage player and server combined into one tiny little unit that attaches to the back of your display panel.  You can drive one or many signs with this unit, making use of a digital distribution device to send the one output signal to many different devices.  Or, just stick this thing to the back of your single display panel and you are set!  This solution was developed with small businesses in mind, where a simple solution was needed to keep costs done and keep things simple.  You can easily update your signage content using a web browser on a computer inside your local area network.

Orange Server & Players

Orange Server is the ideal solution for you if you:

  1. Are displaying multiple channels of content on multiple display panels
  2. Are displaying a single channel or multiple channels of content on displays in different physical locations (ex. different stores)

Orange Server is a more rubust solution than Orange One, allowing you to put different channels of content on different displays simultaneously.  Along with the Orange Server, and Orange Player device is needed for each display panel.  This is a great solution for larger organizations, such as airports, schools, office campuses, etc.  The same simple web based interface is used to update your content with Orange Server.

Content Creation

We are digital signage artisans.  It's true.

We do not believe in one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter digital signage displays.  We do not believe in turnkey digital signage solutions.  We do not believe digital signage software that comes with a bunch of lame templates.

We get to know our customers and work with them to design a digital signage content package that meets their needs, budget and branding demands.  Let's face it, there is a lot of very ugly digital signage out there.  It's kind of sad!  We can make sure you do not go down that road.

Along with building asthetically pleasing signage, we can work with you to make it functional.  Dream big.  These signs can be smart, and the Orange platform allows for custom programming to allow them to do all kinds of cool things.  

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